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How do I care for my wet specimen?

All wet specimens ship without alcohol and will have to be refilled upon arrival with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, which can be bought at any supermarket. Specimens have been preserved with formaldehyde and should not degrade. Over time the alcohol may yellow to due to formaldehyde and body fluids leaking out from the specimen which is not uncommon over long periods of time. If this happens simply pour out the old liquid and replace with new alcohol. Some cloudiness may be present when you first fill up your specimen jar; this is also normal and will settle.

Do you ship worldwide?

I ship within the US only. I do not ship internationally due to shipping cost, export/import fees, and numerous customs regulations. I also am unable to guarantee safe travels for such delicate pieces.

What if my piece breaks during shipping?

Every piece is packaged to the best of my ability to ensure safe travels. I spend quality time on each piece to ensure its packaging is tailored to its design and shape. I do not do generic packaging. However, I cannot guarantee the handling of packages through the delivery process and do not accept returns due to poor handling that I have no control over. If damage does occur beyond repair feel free to contact me or the post office to file a claim. Most pieces can be put back together and I am more than happy to work with you on fixing or replacing damaged parts. If a bone comes loose do not panic as it is an easy fix with a little super glue and patience. Again, please feel free to contact me if your piece does not arrive complete.

Do you accept payment plans?

Payment plans are available for any item over $300. A $50 nonrefundable deposit must be made to hold your item and is applied to your total. Payment plans can not be used with a discount code. Please contact me for more details.

Where do your specimens come from?

All the animals I receive come from cruelty free sources, most of which die naturally, meaning they are not killed specifically for my art. These sources include pet stores, zoos, and breeders. These animals are usually stillborn, or die from old age or sickness. Other animals however do come from approved population control hunts.